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Green Volt Energy
We are a passionate team of engineers and entrepreneurs dedicated to providing clean, renewable energy solutions to businesses and homeowners. We believe that solar and renewable energy are the future of our planet, and we are committed to making them accessible to everyone.We designs and builds hybrid energy storage systems for homes, businesses, and industries. Our plug-and-play hybrid systems are popular in the construction, mining, and construction machinery rental industries. GREEN VOLT ENERGY has teamed up with CATL and other leading component suppliers to create the Guard Plus All-In-One energy storage system for residential solar energy storage projects. All of their energy storage systems have passed European Union tests and received EU on-grid connection certificates. GREEN VOLT ENERGY believes that their high-quality hybrid storage systems will make it easier and more affordable for customers to use clean energy. In simpler terms, GREEN VOLT ENERGY makes hybrid energy storage systems that can be used in homes, businesses, and industries. These systems can help people use clean energy more easily and affordably.
We Make Sure The Future Go Bright With Solar Energy!


We Believe In The Power To Transform Africa Through Clean Energy.

Access to electricity is not something our customers want to worry about. That’s why our companies ensure reliable access to clean, affordable electricity – every night and every day, now and in the future. 


Hybrid Diesel Generators

Our Hybrid Diesel Generator energy storage system first in the market. It combines diesel energy, solar and lithium battery in one integrated container.
The smart hybrid system manages the market diesel generators efficiency, save up to 40% fuel costs.This approach promotes far less burn-off and promises significantly cleaner air.


Solar Energy System

Our residential energy storage systems GUARD PLUS series integrate 3.6kw/5kw hybrid inverters and 5.1kWh CATL battery packs, expandable to 20kWh energy storage capacity. Guard Series family has 4kw/6kw/10kw hybrid inverters with integrated 5kWh to 20kWh LFP battery storage with realtime monitoring via an Mobile Appalication.


Data Center System

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems secure uptime of large data centers and provide facility-wide protection for sensitive electronics. They have redundant configurations and dual bus capabilities to make sure your critical systems will keep running during power disturbances such as blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges or noise interference.

Water Meters

Smart Water Meters (IOT)

LoRaWAN smart water meter is a self-developed smart water meter based on LoRaWAN communication. It has functions such as water measurement, valve control, remote monitoring, etc., uses LoRa modulation technology, follows LoRaWAN wireless transmission protocol, and works with LoRaWAN gateway.

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Energy System

Solar pump inverter obtains direct current energy from photovoltaic cells, and converts it into electric energy to drive the water pump. According to the intensity of sunlight, take use of MPPT algorithm, the inverter adjusts the output frequency to make maximum use of solar energy.Costs reduced increasingly for general pumping duties. 


Mini Grid Systems

Our all-in-one solar mini-grid solution provides the most widely applicable and viable mechanism to delivery electricity to off-grid areas. As a complete package, the generated energy is supplied to the customers who are provided with prepaid energy meters making it easy for them to purchase power using our vending system. 

Power Back Up Solution

Hybrid Diesel Generator

PowerMore Hybridized Diesel ESS combines power converter, lithium battery storage and New/Existing diesel generators Our hybrid ESS can reduce generator runn ing time and fuel consumption, reduce carbon emission, and remove noise.

A Hybridized Power System enables a diesel generator to work at its optimum efficiency while storing spare energy in a high power battery backup can work in parallel with genset to support bigger power load, avoid overdesign genset capacity.

  • Diesel Generator Compatibility: Stabilize load curves, control the DG to reduce fuel burn and emissions and save genset costs Communicate with a generator and automatically switch it on / off at pre-programmed loads.
  • Peak Power Boost: Supplement power from the on-board inverter to meet high load peaks utilizing battery power.
  • Solar Energy Combination: Be connected without infrastructure changes to solar sources.
  • MicroGrid/Off-grid/On-Grid: Supply grid independent energy supply for construction sites,mining sites,remote residential estates and factories. Genset peak shaving and grid power peak shaving.
  • Adapt Engineering Motor Load: tower crane, Static pile driver, crusher, air compressor, concrete mixer.
  • Active BESS Warning Systems:Sound and light alarm system, fire extinguishing system, video surveillance system, SMS alarm system, etc.
  • Reliable Structural Design:IP54 outdoor design, adopt container or vehicle-mounted structure, firm and solid, suitable for frequent lifting and transportation, plug and play with rapid deployment

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